Jul 27 2015

Consequences Of Vaginal Implants For Seniors

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Mesh implants are causing life-altering issues in our seniors.

For anyone forced to have surgery that requires the use of mesh implants, please be aware of the irreversible side effects. Consequences of mesh implants in seniors are on the rise and hopefully; this article will shed some light on what it all means.

For starters, doctors use surgical mesh when a patient has tissue that is weak or torn. It has been used for gynecological operations that include repairing the pelvis after organs in the area begin to droop or collapse.  According to MeshLawsuitClaims.com those organs include the Vagina, Bladder, Uterus, bowel, and Rectum; mesh is also used when the patient has experienced incontinence. The mesh is used to shore up the vaginal wall and to support organs that are sinking.

While the procedure has been in use for some time, complications have started to come to light. Many patients have complained of bleeding and pain.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, those complications are due to erosion through the vagina that can also be called exposure, protrusion or extrusion. In some cases, patients have experienced urinary issues and a penetration of organ walls during sex. Additional reports of muscle issues, scarring in the vagina and continual prolapse. In many cases, patients had to return to the hospital for treatment.

The FDA has received thousands of complaints from patients who have had implants over the years. The FDA has been said to have investigated 3,000 reports from patients following the mesh procedures who stated that they were suffering from complications.

And it’s not just younger patients that are affected. Seniors who have the surgery are also at risk.


According the FDA, contraction of the mesh is also an issue that patients have been reporting since October 2008.

Mesh lawsuit claims have been filed numbering the thousands, and those include accusing the manufacturers of misleading patients about how safe the product was and how effectively it would work. Mesh lawsuit claims have also included that proper testing wasn’t done on the mesh. There is not an effective and safe way of removing the mesh. Also, there should have been better warnings as to the side effects or what could go wrong. In federal courts alone, there are about 49,000 lawsuits that have been filed.

For those who feel they need to file a lawsuit, compensation can include, money for medical bills, suffering, and pain. They may even be able to receive compensation for other damages as well.

So, whether young or old, those who are planning on receiving the implants need to look closely at the benefits and risks. Be sure to discuss with family, research the side effects, and consult physicians before deciding on any mesh implant. And for those who already have had the surgery and are experiencing complications, seeking the assistance of an attorney to make mesh lawsuit claims may be the route to take.

Remember, it’s your body, and you have to live with the consequences if something goes wrong.

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