Mar 20 2017

Are Weight Loss Pills Effective For Seniors?

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lose weight fast pills

Gaining weight especially among elderly is inevitable. As we age, muscle growth starts to decrease allowing fat to take over the body and metabolism slow down naturally. Because of this, elderly people are more likely to develop weight loss problem that could complicate their health since they are more prone to various ailments. Hence, more and more individuals over the age of 55 would resort to lose weight fast pills to aid in their battle against weight problem.

The use of lose weight fast pills can help weight loss attempts significantly combined with proper exercise and a healthier diet. However, increased levels of activity may not be possible due to limited mobility especially among seniors. Dietary supplements would definitely be of great help to weight loss. But it’s not all about whether or not supplements are effective, it’s about the possibility of the supplement not working as well as it should that it does more harm than good and that it affects their immune system.

Senior Couple Making Vegetable Salad.

There has been a growing debate in recent years regarding the effectiveness of dietary supplements to senior citizens. Many express that these type of supplements works for the elderly. On the other hand, others said that they don’t work at all. This mainly has to do with their age as their bodies slowly become weaker with time, vital organs decreasing in functionality.

Before taking any diet pills, it should be established that the correct diet pill has been chosen for the individual. It is also important to know about the supplement itself like the active ingredients, how it works and its side effects. The Food and Drug Administration have approved several prescription weight loss pills. These pills are only prescribed to men and women who are considered to be obese or have a body mass index of 30 or greater. So what is the best lose weight fast pills in the market?

One of the most effective diet pills that has been taking over the world by storm is Forskolin. It is growing in popularity with higher success rate.

forskolin belly busterWhat is forskolin?

Forskolin also known as labdane diterpene is a natural supplement derived from the roots of the plant Plectranthus barbatus (Coleus forskohlii) that has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and has now been used in modern science. How forskolin works is that it stimulates the release of stored fats.

Is this safe for seniors?

Forskolin appears to be safe overall. Besides breaking down the fat in the body by raising the lyposis levels, Forskolin also works very well for seniors with asthma, as well as decreasing blood clots that keep the arteries flowing. Another thing that makes Forskolin such a great choice for seniors is that it helps with improving memory.

Effective and inexpensive, Forskolin is a diet supplement that seniors should definitely try due to its health-improving benefits.


Mar 19 2017

Seniors Stuck In Their Old Ways | How We Can Help

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alcohol detox

When you live with family under the same roof especially with an aging parent or grandparent has its challenges. And when one has alcohol problems, family members sometimes overlook their concerns over excessive drinking among elderly. While it’s a normal thing for family members to disagree with each other over the little things, health risks are the one thing that would get a family together.

Unfortunately, seniors can be stubborn at times when listening to the doctor or even a fellow family member in regards to their own health. They would refuse to go to the doctor, would tend to “forget” to take their medicine. And in some cases, they would resort to using “tried and true” methods that were “passed through the generations” because they don’t trust modern medicine enough to move past from their beliefs that they have grown up with. Even when faced with some issues such as alcohol, a simple alcohol detox remedy would sound rather risky for them.

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But why would they be so stubborn to the point of possibly risking their own health? Seniors have their own personal reasons why they would refuse to move on from their old ways. Some would refuse to accept medical assistance because they believe that doing so would remind them of their age, others would refuse due to financial reasons, but the more common reason is their belief that they should stick with what they know and what has worked for them in many years, even if the said method has long since been overshadowed by more effective methods, alcohol detox included.

And when the day comes that their health becomes very important and that they should be given some proper medication ASAP, what can you do to convince them to change their lifestyle for the better?

alcohol detox 2

While many offer various pieces of advice on how to deal with the elderly, it all boils down to simple education, as well as patience and perseverance.  For example like the aforementioned alcohol detox, it takes both education and a little bit of lifestyle change in order to pull it off. Additionally, using visual aids to explain to them would also help, as it gives them a much clearer idea than just simply explaining it.

And lastly, the most important key to helping them understand is a pill pack. Pill packs are small containers with numbers and days labeled on them. These are sorted so that the user can tell which pill to take for the day based on the corresponding label on the container. But we warned that at this age, seniors must be taught on when to limit on their medication.

Jul 27 2015

Consequences Of Vaginal Implants For Seniors

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Mesh implants are causing life-altering issues in our seniors.

For anyone forced to have surgery that requires the use of mesh implants, please be aware of the irreversible side effects. Consequences of mesh implants in seniors are on the rise and hopefully; this article will shed some light on what it all means.

For starters, doctors use surgical mesh when a patient has tissue that is weak or torn. It has been used for gynecological operations that include repairing the pelvis after organs in the area begin to droop or collapse.  According to those organs include the Vagina, Bladder, Uterus, bowel, and Rectum; mesh is also used when the patient has experienced incontinence. The mesh is used to shore up the vaginal wall and to support organs that are sinking.

While the procedure has been in use for some time, complications have started to come to light. Many patients have complained of bleeding and pain.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, those complications are due to erosion through the vagina that can also be called exposure, protrusion or extrusion. In some cases, patients have experienced urinary issues and a penetration of organ walls during sex. Additional reports of muscle issues, scarring in the vagina and continual prolapse. In many cases, patients had to return to the hospital for treatment.

The FDA has received thousands of complaints from patients who have had implants over the years. The FDA has been said to have investigated 3,000 reports from patients following the mesh procedures who stated that they were suffering from complications.

And it’s not just younger patients that are affected. Seniors who have the surgery are also at risk.


According the FDA, contraction of the mesh is also an issue that patients have been reporting since October 2008.

Mesh lawsuit claims have been filed numbering the thousands, and those include accusing the manufacturers of misleading patients about how safe the product was and how effectively it would work. Mesh lawsuit claims have also included that proper testing wasn’t done on the mesh. There is not an effective and safe way of removing the mesh. Also, there should have been better warnings as to the side effects or what could go wrong. In federal courts alone, there are about 49,000 lawsuits that have been filed.

For those who feel they need to file a lawsuit, compensation can include, money for medical bills, suffering, and pain. They may even be able to receive compensation for other damages as well.

So, whether young or old, those who are planning on receiving the implants need to look closely at the benefits and risks. Be sure to discuss with family, research the side effects, and consult physicians before deciding on any mesh implant. And for those who already have had the surgery and are experiencing complications, seeking the assistance of an attorney to make mesh lawsuit claims may be the route to take.

Remember, it’s your body, and you have to live with the consequences if something goes wrong.